Wooly Bugged, House of the Rising Tide, & Report from Alaska

Wooly Bugged

A friend of ours, who you'll see in some of the videos, introduced us to the Wooly Bugged Youtube channel. Mike Evanko does the videos and if you're curious about places in Pennsylvania that are off the beaten path, Mike knows them. He lives in the state and is passionate about fly fishing and the outdoors.

There are so many places in our state that are typical of the places featured in Mike's videos and this year our local streams have water and lots of beautiful wild trout. In this blog, we are featuring Rainwater Bump. The streams are not identified, thank goodness they couldn't tolerate much fishing pressure, but he gives us hints on how to find streams like them on our own. If you'd like to see more videos as they become available, please subscribe to the Wooly Bugged channel.

There isn't a lot of talking in Mike's videos, but the sound of the water and the scenery and the fish are more than enough. Sometimes less is more, don't you think? Thank you Mike and good luck with Wooly Bugged.


 House of the Rising Tide  sage1

Around here it's all about trout fishing, especially this year with the extended season Mother Nature has granted us, but not too far to our north and east, the talk is all about stripers. From NJ to Maine it's the bass that brings the fishermen to the coast.     sage risingtide

There's something about being on the water at first light, any water really, but there's a special “pull” on the flats and coastline along New England. House of the Rising Tide story by Jesse Robbins, photos by Joe Klementovich on board with New England striper guide Zak Robinson will make you want to pack up the car and head for Maine. I know it does me.

Thank you guys and thank you Sage for bringing us a great story!


Report from Alaska

Hi. We are having a very good week at Reel Action camp on the Kanektok River in Alaska. Weather is typical for here, some rain and some sun everyday. Mornings are cool and down jackets, raincoats, and gloves come out for the boat rides. The silver salmon run is in full swing and there are still a few fresh chum and pinks around and rainbows, char and grayling for guests who go upriver to the preserve. Down around camp it is mostly fresh silver salmon and they all know how to fight, run and jump. It is an exciting week to be on the river. There are lots of stories and tired arms at the dinner table each night!   -Cathy & Barry

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