A Fish Story & Pelican Bay Last Call

If you want to hear something really cool, take a look at this blog that Barry just wrote for Rio.  It's an off the wall fish story but fun to read, especially on a Thursday afternoon.  You can click here to see it.



Also, last call to join Barry & Cathy at Pelican Bay Hotel in the Bahamas, June 2-7.  One room left.  Great destination for big bonefish and lots of activities for non-angling partners.  5 nights/4 days fishing.  $2,750 pp double occupancy.  Check out the details here and give us a call. 

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1 Room Left

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I just spoke to Joe at Frontiers Travel and he informed me that there is only 1 room left, double occupancy for Barry & Cathy's trip to H20 Bonefish, Grand Bahama Island.  The dates are June 2-7, with an option to extend your stay.  This is a great destination for anglers & non-anglers alike.  Proven to be great for big bonefish, it is also a reliable permit fishery.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 877-278-5638 or click here to see more details on our website

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Need Saltwater Flies?



We've just added a couple new additions to our saltwater flies in our website store. For skinny water we have the Sili Skinny bonefish fly and a Super Gotcha for the bigger bones on the west side of Andros. Take a Look.

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Deep Water Cay


We recently spent 5 nights/4 days at Deep Water Cay for Frontiers with a few client friends for our first visit. Located on the east end of Grand Bahama Island, we flew into Freeport and were driven to the ferry dock and then a short 8 minute boat ride to DWC. We found big bonefish, superb accommodations, meals, guides,& boats.  What a great place for a non-angler &  lots of activities for families too. Bill & Lisa Culbreath do a great job as managers and Lisa and Cathy got to fish together. We hope you enjoy the photos.


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Looking for Permit, Snook and Bonefish?

blog 0000 4148 PERMIT    Join us at Boca Paila, Mexico, June 2-9. It's perfect timing for permit and snook, and the bones are here all the time. This is truly the Grand Slam capital of the world. We've hosted more than 25 trips to Boca Paila and it remains the best place for anglers in pursuit of permit as well as a perfect destination for new saltwater anglers. Something for everybody. In addition, the beautiful beach, white sand, tropical setting make it an excellent choice for non-fishing companions or anglers who want to enjoy both the fishing and the R&R. Boca Paila is one of the great buys in saltwater lodges.


  2 Rooms left. 7 nights/6 days. June 2-9, 2013. $3,100 pp dbl. occupancy, shared boat/guide. $1,575 non angler. $5,325 single/private boat. See the Details.Hope to see you there!blog 0004 snook0513

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One Room Left at Deep Water Cay

Tired of winter? Drop everything and get out of town for a few days. Join us in the Bahamas at Deep Water Cay for 5 nights/4 days of bonefish and warm tropical sun, April 21-26. This accommodation is for a single angler ($6,395) or 2 anglers sharing a guide and room ($4,246pp). Get all the details at Hosted Trips or contact Joe Linscott at Frontiers, 800-245-1950. We hope to see you there!

DWC Flats Fishing 12

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"She Trout It"

This was the end result but we were off on a rough start. We're at Boca Paila, Mexico, this week and I was fishing with Sara, one of our guests.  She has traveled with us to many salt and fresh destinations, but at home she is a trout fisherman. So, while our guide was telling her what she did wrong to miss the first bonefish, I thought it might make an interesting blog.

As soon as the fish took the fly she raised her rod tip as she would for trout back in Ohio and I heard our Mexican guide say, "She trout it." Old habits die hard as she can attest. She knew she had to strip set but in the heat of the moment she lifted the rod tip. A strip set is made by keeping the rod tip low and pulling the line back with your hand instead of using the rod tip.

A strip set does two things. First it hooks the fish, but secondly if you miss the fish the fly has not been pulled away and you'll often get a second chance because the fish will continue to look for the fly. If you lift the tip the fly comes out of the water and the fish is gone. Strip setting also works very well for streamer fishing in freshwater for the same reason. Once the fish is hooked, then you can raise the tip to fight the fish.


We've had a wonderful week here at Boca Paila. We've caught tarpon, snook, permit, bonefish and a handful of other fish. The week started out wet but the clouds and rain cleared out, blue skies appeared and we've had a great week and look forward to returning next year.

Back home we're getting ready to launch a new web site. You'll hear from us soon about that. It will be much easier to navigate and operate for both you and us. I'll be posting more photos there very soon!

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2012 Hosted Trips

We've got a busy year ahead of us. Here is our schedule of Hosted Trips for 2012:

  • Jan 15-21 -- Delphi Club, Abaco Bahamas (bonefish)

  • Feb 1-18 -- South Island, New Zealand (trout)

  • Mar 18-Apr.1 -- Patagonia, Argentina (trout)

  • May 19-26 -- Belize River Lodge, Belize (tarpon, etc.)

  • June 3-10 -- Boca Paila, Mexico (tarpon, bones, permit)

  • June 10-17 -- Isla Holbox, Mexico (tarpon)

  • June 23-30 -- Ponoi River, Russia (Atlantic Salmon)

  • July 14-21 -- Kulik Lodge, Alaska (trout/salmon)

  • Aug 18-25 & 25-Sept. 1 -- Bighorn River, MT (trout)

  • Sept. 12-20 & 16-24 -- Tsimane Lodge, Bolivia (dorado)

  • Oct. 27-Nov. 3 -- Agua Boa, Brazil (peacock bass)

  • Nov. 26-Dec. 3 -- Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)

Detailed information and prices are available on our web site for most of these trips. If you're interested in a destination that is not yet posted, please contact us. We hope to see you in 2012.
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Let's Go Fishing

We have a few openings on upcoming trips that we want to tell you about. We have a couple spots at Abaco Bonefish Lodge (May 14-21), one opening in Holbox, Mexico (June 13-19), and a couple on the Bighorn (August 14-21 or 21-28). We have space available for 4 night/3 day and-or 7 night/6 day packages. Click the links for prices and details on our Hosted Trips page.

Abaco Bonefish Lodge, Bahamas. Come along with us as we search the hard white sand flats so typical of the Bahamas for bonefish at this strategically located new lodge during prime time.

For a short time each year the big migratory tarpon are found at Holbox Island. The baby tarpon are always in the rivers and lagoons. Join us for an exciting trip fishing for both the big boys and the acrobatic babies.

If you saw the Wall Street Journal recently, you may have read about the expected grasshopper infestation in the west this summer. It's predicted that there may be 7 times the usual number of grasshoppers - the most in 150 years! The Bighorn is an amazing river during normal years, if this event happens, believe us - you don't want to miss it! Join us at Kingfisher Lodge in August.

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