Checking in from Ireland & Punta Allen Tournament

From Ireland

We heard from Barry & Cathy. Their group is with Andrew Ryan and his guides and are trout fishing for a few days. We'll have more next week but we can say that everyone loves the new Sage X, the new fast rod just released-- fast but not so stiff, a joy to cast is the report we're getting



Tournament Helps Punta Allen Kids

Many of you have traveled to Isla Hotbox and/or Campeche and Grand Slam Lodges in the Yucatan with us. In this short video clip you'll see some familiar faces, but more important is the reason for the tournament - to help the children and the school at Punta Allen. The smiling faces on the kids say it all. Our congratulations to the sponsors, the winners, the guides, and most of all the kids in Punta Allen!

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The view in Mexico

Last week we had some techinical difficulties here and were not able to send out our blog.  Cathy had emailed us from Mexico with some great photos and I hated to waste them.  The Becks are home now, Opening Day here was a success, and we're busy scheduling guiding and casting.  I still wanted to get this blog out so I hope you won't mind that it's a few days late....  Enjoy!


We're sitting on the porch at Grand Slam Lodge in Mexico talking about thefishing we've had so far this week. Saltwater fishing is so different from trout fishing in so many ways. We can all remember some nasty wind on trout rivers,but nothing like nasty wind in saltwater. Another thing, the fish are always moving so your cast has to be quick and accurate, real quick. There is often no time for false casts...pick it up and get it back in there, especially for baby
tarpon and snook. Being able to see the fish is so important, otherwise you're guessing and the fly will almost always land in the wrong place. This past week we've had just about everything Mother Nature can throw at us, but that said, there have been some memorable fish caught and great stories to tell. Walt got his first and second permit and his first Grand Slam, Sara landed her first tarpon of the year (and fell off the boat, but that's another story). It's been fun to get out of the cold northeast weather for a few days and immerse ourselves in warm weather, sunshine, saltwater, tarpon, bonefish, snook and permit. Now we go home to the start of trout fishing in Pennsylvania.


Mexico collage

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New Store Items for Sale

WD-40 Pens

You asked. We found them.

In a blog a few months back we wrote of how useful WD-40 pens are for treating zippers, reels, tools, and really 194 0anything that comes in contact with saltwater that can corrode or freeze up. WD-40 pens are so much better than the spray for treating just the zipper head or track, the tiny screw heads on saltwater reels, crevices and hard-to-reach spots on tools and accessories, and much more. Some of you couldn't find the pens so we went on a search and we now have them for sale. After you wash your saltwater gear, be sure to use the pens for extra protection. They sure work!  Order here

We got crabs!

Permit Crabs BC Beck image0002Our fall order of Cathy's Permit Crabs just arrived and our bins are full. If you have a saltwater trip planned for this winter and it includes permit or big bones, now is a good time to stock up, and at a very good price too. Normally $2.50 each, for the next month we're offering a baker's dozen (4 of each size — 2,4,6 plus one more) for $25.00, plus shipping. That's less than $2.00 each. Order online or give us a call today. 877-278-5638.  



New Fly Boxes

Foam fly boxes keep your flies organized and in place. Our new box will conveniently fit in either a hip pack or a fishing 203vest. It's super light-weight. Works especially well for streamers, nymphs and CDC flies or comparadons. Find them for sale on our website now.

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2016 Trip Schedule

My bags are packed and I'm ready to go.....  5764 BOLIVIA 2014

Our 2016 trip schedule is beginning to take shape and here's what it's looking like so far. We're currently working on getting all of the itineraries updated on the web site. If you're interested in a trip that is not up on the site yet, please let us know and we'll get you an itinerary. Hope to see you in 2016.

January 7-18 Coyhaique, Chile
Febrary 2-15 South Island, New Zealand
March 1-8 Tres Valles, Argentina
March 9-20 San Huberto and Quemquemtreu, Argentina
March 20-22 Limay River, Argentina
April 4-14 Campeche/Grand Slam, Mexico
Iceland June (mid-late, dates TBA)
July 8-18  Ireland
August 6-13 Alaska
August 20-27 & Aug. 27-Sept. 3 Bighorn MT
Spain (Oct. TBA)
Sept. 26-Oct. 3 Mongolia
Nov. 25-Dec. 5  Tres Valles, Argentina

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Mexico Opportunity and Over-Lining Rods

2 Rooms Open in Holbox, Mexico

We only have two rooms left at Isla Holbox, Mexico. Enjoy early morning boat rides for baby tarpon and snook, and big migratory tarpon if wind permits. Fish until early afternoon and then chill out on the breezy verandah, enjoy the beach, take a siesta, swim with the whale sharks, or just relax in the shade. We've got a great schedule, it's a fun island with lots to do, and the perfect get-away for non fishing partners. Get the details and come along with us. Easy in/out. July 6-13. Click here for more information


Over Lining Rods



There is a lot of talk these days about whether or not to over line your fly rod. Field & Stream's Fly Talk this month features an article by Kirk Deeter with interesting comments. We often over line our fast Sage rods in windy situations when using big, heavy flies, and particularly with lines like the RIO Outbound Short, but I can't ever remember over lining lighter trout rods. Seems like Everything in moderation is the general consensus. It's an interesting read. Enjoy.

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Report from Mexico

We heard from Cathy and they've had a great couple of days fishing for baby tarpon from Campeche. Early days, leave the dock at dawn and fish until 1-2:00. Chill for the afternoon and into town for dinner. Campeche is a wonderful colonial town with lots going on downtown in the evenings and many choices for good restaurants. Great weather and baby tarpon galore, there will be more trips to Campeche on their schedule! 8 & 9 weight rods, 7-25 pound tarpon. Lots of fun. They are at Grand Slam in the Yucatan now and we'll have a report for you next week.

She also sent some photos which I'd love to share with you.  What a beautiful place!  


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Trout Season and Mexico Opportunity

Tomorrow is the first day of Spring and we are all looking forward to it.  The snow is really melting here and the sunshine feels wonderful.  The opening day of fishing season here in NEPA is just a few weekGuide - client BC BECK Image0043s away, April 18th.  Our office is busy scheduling guiding and casting instructions for those eager to get out on the water.  If you would like to be guided on our private waters this Spring, call us at 570-925-2392. Our guides are fantastic and love what they do.  We also offer Weekender Packages if you'd like to receive individual instruction and then follow up with a day of guided fishing.  We would love to hear from you and share this beautiful fishing area with you. You can find more information about our packages and pricing here.



We had a cancellation in our Mexico departure campeche14April 6-14, which includes tarpon in Campeche and bones, permit, and snook in the Yucatan.  One room open.  Drop everything and come along!  Visit our website for the itinerary.  


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South of the Border

2053 BOCA PAILA 2012Does this winter weather have you thinking about someplace warm? Somewhere south of the border? Well, we've got the perfect combination of baby tarpon, bonefish,snook, and permit on the schedule for April 6-14. Reward yourself for getting through winter with a saltwater trip that combines Campeche and the Yucatan. There's no better combination if you're looking for a trip that is easy in and out, all the favorite saltwater species, and no extra travel time. From most places in the U.S., you'll arrive in Campeche the same day you leave home. 8 nights/6 days. $4,650 pp, double occupancy. Refer to our website for complete details and itinerary. Come soak up the sun!

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New Fly Boxes & Updated Trip Schedule

VID 5130We've received several requests to sell our imprinted fly boxes that we use for our selections. These boxes are lightweight, foam-lined, with a transparent lid. Perfect to put in a pack or shirt pocket when you want to go light.

Sizes include Medium (4-1/2 x 6), and Large (5 x 8). Medium is imprinted with a rainbow trout. Large with either a brown trout or a bonefish (your choice).

Medium $10.00 each      Large $12.00 each

Go to our WEBSITE to place your order.


We also wanted to share our Updated Trip Schedule in case you were thinking of planning your next fishing trip.  See our Hosted Trips page for more information.

June 21-28 — Holbox, Mexico (tarpon, snook, etc.)
July 24-Aug. 3 — Kenektok River, Alaska (trout, salmon)
Aug. 16-30 — Bighorn River, Montana (trout)
Sept. 10-21 — Tsimane, Bolivia (dorado)
Oct. 11-20 — Pyrenees, Spain (trout)
Nov. 30-Dec. 7 — Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)
Jan. 8-18 — Coyhaique Lodge, Chile (trout)
Feb. 2-17 — South Island, New Zealand (trout)
Feb. 27- Mar. 9 — Tres Valles, Argentina (trout)
Mar. 9-21 — San Martin area, Argentina (trout)
May — Saltwater, Mexico, TBA
June — Isla Holbox, Mexico, TBA
July 23-Aug.16 — East Africa Safari
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Experience Holbox with the Becks




1269 HOLBOX 2012Thinking about baby tarpon, snook, jacks, maybe big tarpon? Holbox has it all, with an interesting fishing program to match. Start at sun up each day and fish until mid-afternoon. Come back to the lodge, relax, rest, enjoy hors d'oeuvres, and walk into town for dinner. 1791 HOLBOX 2012


We get the best part of the fishing day before it gets too breezy or hot. Fish lagoons, rivers, creeks and maybe go out for big tarpon if you want - and if weather permits. It's a great place and a great agenda. 7 nights/6 days. $3,295 dbl. occup/shared guide. Easy in/out. Check out the details and come with us!  

2013 HOLBOX MEX 0297


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A Fish Story & Pelican Bay Last Call

If you want to hear something really cool, take a look at this blog that Barry just wrote for Rio.  It's an off the wall fish story but fun to read, especially on a Thursday afternoon.  You can click here to see it.



Also, last call to join Barry & Cathy at Pelican Bay Hotel in the Bahamas, June 2-7.  One room left.  Great destination for big bonefish and lots of activities for non-angling partners.  5 nights/4 days fishing.  $2,750 pp double occupancy.  Check out the details here and give us a call. 

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1 Room Left

DSC 0006 2

I just spoke to Joe at Frontiers Travel and he informed me that there is only 1 room left, double occupancy for Barry & Cathy's trip to H20 Bonefish, Grand Bahama Island.  The dates are June 2-7, with an option to extend your stay.  This is a great destination for anglers & non-anglers alike.  Proven to be great for big bonefish, it is also a reliable permit fishery.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 877-278-5638 or click here to see more details on our website

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Need Saltwater Flies?



We've just added a couple new additions to our saltwater flies in our website store. For skinny water we have the Sili Skinny bonefish fly and a Super Gotcha for the bigger bones on the west side of Andros. Take a Look.

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Sunshine anyone?




With the cold weather we've been having here in the Northeast, I thought  you might enjoy a post about Cathy & Barry's latest trip to Christmas Island.  I have to admit, I didn't even know there was such a place, let alone where it is on a map.  However, after seeing their photos I'm convinced that I must go there someday... Here's what Cathy had to say about their trip.    CHRISTMAS ISLAND1372


"We were in Christmas Island with a few friends earlier in January. It was nice to get out of the deep freeze for a while!  We spent a couple days in Honolulu and then went to Christmas Island. We love this place, not for the 5-star accommodations (you won't find any), but for the simple life one finds there and, of course, for the bonefish and trevally - of which we found many! The Captain Cook Hotel hasn't changed much over the years. The rooms are simple, clean, air-conditioned, and offer hot showers. The food is plentiful and good. The fishing is excellent and the people are over the top. Like I said - we love Christmas Island - just wish it were closer!"




To see more photos from their trip, visit the gallery on our website.  Choose Destinations, then Christmas Island.  Enjoy!

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Hi Barry & Cathy, That sure looks like a great trip to take after the winter we've been having and I really like the snow but it ... Read More
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Tibor Reels- Made in the US


It's no secret that Tibor Reels have a well-earned reputation for quality and endurance.  In 2011, Tibor recieved first place honors from the IGFA for the most world records set on their reels- more than any other reel in history.  While most of us are familiar with the quality products that the Tibor Reel Company produces, what most people don't know is the man behind the reel.  His story is even more impressive than his award winning reels. 

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Rio expands Tippet Collection

Tippet  Rio Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, announces the addition of four new tippet materials to it's comprehensive range. 

 They include the Flouroflex Freshwater, Flouroflex Saltwater, the new Rio Saltwater & new Rio Steelhead/Salmon Tippet.  You can read all the details by clicking Here.


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Deep Water Cay


We recently spent 5 nights/4 days at Deep Water Cay for Frontiers with a few client friends for our first visit. Located on the east end of Grand Bahama Island, we flew into Freeport and were driven to the ferry dock and then a short 8 minute boat ride to DWC. We found big bonefish, superb accommodations, meals, guides,& boats.  What a great place for a non-angler &  lots of activities for families too. Bill & Lisa Culbreath do a great job as managers and Lisa and Cathy got to fish together. We hope you enjoy the photos.


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One Room Left at Deep Water Cay

Tired of winter? Drop everything and get out of town for a few days. Join us in the Bahamas at Deep Water Cay for 5 nights/4 days of bonefish and warm tropical sun, April 21-26. This accommodation is for a single angler ($6,395) or 2 anglers sharing a guide and room ($4,246pp). Get all the details at Hosted Trips or contact Joe Linscott at Frontiers, 800-245-1950. We hope to see you there!

DWC Flats Fishing 12

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Boca Paila Lodge for Sale?


b2ap3_thumbnail_Yucatan-Permit-BC-BECK-Image-0748.jpgI don't know how many years the Gonzalez family has owned and operated Boca Paila fishing lodge on the Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, but if I had to guess I'd say close to 50. Generations of saltwater anglers have caught their first bonefish, or permit, or tarpon, or all three for a Grand Slam at this wonderful destination. We have enjoyed hosting more than 25 trips to Boca Paila and hope for many more, but the word on the street is that the lodge has received an inviting offer to sell. If it goes through ans we understand that it's being entertained, it sounds like it might be made a private property. Many of us cut our saltwater teeth at Boca Paila, I know Barry and I did, and we will be sad to see it goes - if it goes. It still remains to be seen.

We are hosting our annual trip to Boca Paila June 2-9, timed for clear water, good weather, low wind, bonefish, permit, tarpon, snook. If we're lucky, we might get them all! Go here for details.

We hope this is not our last trip to Boca Paila, but if you've been thinking about a first saltwater fly fishing trip, this would be a good one. If you've been to Boca Paila before you know the old-world charm and the fishing possibilities that has made this lodge famous in the fly fishing business. Whether a first trip or a return, you may want to do it this year, and we'd love to have you join us in June. Contact us or Bob Artzberger at Frontiers.

 While we're on the subject of Mexico, we still have rooms available at Holbox Island Fly Fishing Lodge, July 13-19. Yes, I know it's hot, but historically it's not any hotter in Mexico in July than it is in Pennsylvania - and we don't have any tarpon swimming around waiting for us to throw a Black Death to them. We've always stayed away from July, but the experts there tell us that if we're serious about big tarpon, that's when we need to be there. Calm seas, plenty of fish, exciting fishing. We're all for it. Fishing runs from about 6:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. followed by our siesta, a swim, cocktails and dinner. Whether you're after baby or big tarpon, what's not to like about this? It's a great trip. Check out the details and join us!b2ap3_thumbnail_Holbox-FB_006.jpg

And, getting away from Mexico for a minute, we have one room/boat left at Deep Water Cay, April 21-26. 5 night/4 day fishing. Take a short break and get out of town for a few days. Check it out.

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