Brooke's Blog, Jim's Report, & Tying the Griffiths Gnat

Brooke's Blog

Hi Everyone, it's Brooke. As I prepare the blog for this week Barry and Cathy are on their way to Reel Action Camp in Alaska for a week of silver salmon and trout fishing.
The word is that the silver season is in full swing, fishing is good, so I'm sure they are in for a good week.

It's hard for me to image one river, in this case the Kanektok, getting a silver salmon run (I guess it's called escapement) of 50,000, up to 200,000 chum salmon, 100,000 pink salmon, 200,000 sockeyes and up to 8,000 king salmon. All in one river! And then there are rainbows, char, and graying. It must be an incredible sight!  mapkanektok

I found a map of the area on the Reel Action website. They are next to the village of Quinhagak in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.

Here in Pennsylvania we are having a beautiful summer with lots of rain and cool comfortable temperatures. This morning was 57 degrees and fishing is very good. Here's a fishing report from our head guide, Jim Kukorlo.

Jim's Report

What a difference a year makes! Summer of 2020 was hot and dry. Mother Nature is unpredictable and this year she has blessed us with rain and water conditions unlike most summers.
Water conditions here on Fishing Creek are perfect for late summer fly fishing. Water temperatures vary from the high 50's to the low 60's with water flow of 250 CFS up to 500 CFS.
Tom with brown 0740In the early mornings we are see fish rising to left over spinners from the night before but most of the action is on nymphs such as the pheasant tail (my favorite is a size 18 bead head), mop flies, ug bugs or yellow brown stoneflies, squirmy wormies, zebra midges and Perdigon nymphs to name a few that seem to be catching the most trout.
Early afternoon is a perfect time for late summer terrestrial action. Cathy's Beetle, hopper patterns, ants, and cracklebacks (similar to a Griffith’s Gnat) are keeping the dry fly guys happy and having fun.
Late evening can produce some good dry fly action on Sulphurs and Light Cahills. The hottest action is right before dark so be sure to bring a flash light and hang out not to miss the action.  You can check out most of these patterns in our store.
This stream report is the results from the last 4 straight days that I've been fishing. In fact the fishing has been so good that fellow guide, Tom Harris, is catching trout two at a time. Twice in one day. Oh yeah big fish are hungry too.  Toms Double
August is shaping up to offer more superb fishing as we received more rain yesterday afternoon that chased us off the water. Weather conditions for the coming week call for cool mornings with afternoon temperatures in the low 80's. It really doesn't get any better this this!

Guide, Jim Kukorlo


Tying the Griffith Gnat

When it comes to fishing small summer flies, the Griffith's Gnat, is probably the best known of what is commonly called Midges. Whether it imitates one insect or a clump, we don't know, but the fish love this little fly.

Thank you Tim and MidCurrent.


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