Tungsten Copper Nymph Sale, Keep Fish Wet & Stream Report

Tungsten Copper Nymph Sale Selection

Tung Copper 0694We have to make room for some new flies so we are putting the Tungsten Copper Nymphs on sale. Like the Copper John but with a special order black tungsten bead head. Normally $2.25 each, on sale for $18.00 a dozen. Each dozen will have 4/12, 4/14, 4/16 as long as supplies last. This fly is a great point fly when fishing two nymphs in the spring. Great on euro rigs too. It will get down deep quickly. And, we'll even include a couple extra to offset the postage. Go to store. This is a great buy!



Keep Fish Wet

Keepfishwet.org is a great resource for information and learning more about fish in general, but specifically as it relatesKEEPFISH WET LOGO STACK RGB to summer, warm air and warmer water temperatures – which are now upon us. At this time of year, it's important to know what's happening to the immediate environment of the fish that we're going after.

keepfishwetIf you haven't looked around the Keep Fish Wet website, please do so. It's not a finger pointing, you're doing it wrong site. It's there to help us better understand fish and to help us be better stewards of the sport we fight so hard to protect and preserve. It's got good, solid, interesting information for us. Start with taking a look at this short article and go from there.



Fishing Creek Report

Locally the rain that we got a week ago is long gone and we are knee-deep in summer conditions. When we get rain, usually in the form of a thunderstorm, fishing picks up for a couple days but then water levels drop quickly and temperatures rise. Early mornings are the best time to fish and can be quite pleasant on the water but by noon it's done for the day. After an amazing spring season, we now put our sights on fall. Here are a few photos from a couple weeks ago.

Grant Richard  Brown 0679  Bruce Hanley  Sam 9826  Hank Ingram 2021  John Radcliffe  Spencer Onishi

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